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Sofa and Couch Cleaning Service in Sydney

  • Affordable sofa cleaning service in Sydney


  • Dirt, stains, bacteria and virus removal from sofa and couch


  • Sofa allergy removal and hygiene restore in Sydney


  • Same day sofa cleaning appointments available in Sydney


  • Leather, upholstered and fabric sofa and couch stain and spot removal

Hire Reliable Sofa and Couch Cleaning Company in Sydney


Looking for a sofa and couch cleaning company in Sydney you can trust? Pro Sofa Clean is a name you can trust. We have professional sofa cleaning experts in Sydney that ensure 100% stain and mould removal from all kinds of sofa surfaces. Get your lounger couches cleaned with full attention to detail as well. We are a reliable couch cleaning company in Sydney offering services to all suburbs of the city. Amazing before and after sofa cleaning results are provided to bring a fresh smell and new look for your sofas and couches. We provide 100% sofa bacteria and virus removal with deep sanitizing service. Get your sofas and couches fully allergens free as well for comfortable sitting and relaxing. Call now and speak to our professionals. We provide same day sofa and couch cleaning in Sydney anytime.

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Our Professional Upholstery Cleaning Offers


Pro Sofa Clean in Sydney provides highest quality upholstery cleaning service. Our team of skilled and experienced upholstery cleaning professionals provide:


  • Eco-friendly upholstery cleaning in Sydney
  • Advanced sofa cleaning equipment for best results
  • Cleaning techniques and formulas tailored to suit your particular upholstery
  • Upholstery cleaning with proper refresh and new look
  • Prolong life of your leather or fabric upholstery
  • Domestic and office sofa upholstery cleaning available
Professional Upholstery Cleaning
Sofa Cleaning in Sydney

Quality Sofa Cleaning in Sydney Available


Pro Sofa Clean is a reliable service provider. Our professional sofa cleaning in Sydney makes your small or large couch clean as new. Our service includes:


  • Quality home and office sofa cleaning in Sydney
  • Sofa stains and moulds removal with same day service
  • Professional sofa cleaners delivering high satisfaction levels
  • New look and feel with fresh smell from all sofas
  • Leather, fabric, upholstery and suede sofa cleaning Sydney
  • 2, 3, 4 and 5 seater sofa cleaning in Sydney

Couch Steam Cleaning Service in Sydney


Pro Sofa Clean brings advanced equipment for your couch cleaning in Sydney requirements. Our steam couch cleaning brings out all the natural colours of your couches. We also ensure complete couch stain removal and couch mould removal as well. Get your couch looking and feeling good as new again anywhere in Sydney. Our couch cleaning Sydney service with steam offers high satisfaction levels. We help clean fabric, upholstery and leather couches making them good as new again. We have advanced steam couch cleaning equipment that delivers best results for all domestic and office couches.

Sydney’s #1 Trusted Upholstery Cleaning Company


Pro Sofa Clean is the most trusted upholstery cleaning company in Sydney. We have many years of experience cleaning the toughest upholstery stains of all kinds. Our set of expertise includes deep sanitization of domestic and office sofas and turning them into sparkling new pieces of furniture.

  • #1 trusted upholstery cleaning company in Sydney
  • All sorts of stains and foreign particles removal from upholstery
  • Turn your upholstery into new look and feel instantly
  • Scheduled upholstery cleaning in Sydney available for homes and offices
  • Affordable prices with satisfactory service available all across Sydney
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Same Day Sofa and Couch Cleaning Sydney

Same Day Sofa and Couch Cleaning Sydney


Need quick sofa cleaning service? Pro Sofa Clean now provides same day sofa and couch cleaning in Sydney. Call now and book your home, office or commercial building visit today. We will provide same day sofa cleaning in Sydney for any location around the city. Get full hygiene and aesthetic of your expensive sofa restored quickly. Our same day couch cleaning Sydney service guarantees all stains and moulds removal from all sofa surfaces. We provide:


  • Same day leather sofa cleaning
  • Same day fabric sofa cleaning
  • Same day upholstery sofa cleaning
  • Same day suede sofa cleaning

Office Chair and Sofa Cleaning in Sydney


Got your office chairs and sofas covered with stains, moulds or other foreign particles? Pro Sofa Clean will make that right for you. Our professional office sofa cleaning in Sydney experts make your furniture fully free from any stains, moulds and grimes. We help clean your office chairs and sofas with full attention to detail. Get fabric, leather and upholstery sofas cleaned inside out quickly with same day turnaround service. We offer professional office chair and sofa cleaning Sydney service available at affordable prices. call us now or book your office visit by filling our quick form here.


Sofa Cleaning Near Me


Looking for a sofa cleaning near me in Sydney service? Worry no more. Pro Sofa Clean has got all of Sydney’s suburban and main city areas covered. We send our professional sofa cleaning experts to all parts of the city cleaning your furniture perfectly. Whether you need leather, fabric or upholstery sofa cleaning, we will provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Bring a fresh look and feel for your sofa, couch or lounger anytime. We offer high attention to detail bringing out the best natural colours of your fabrics or upholstery anytime. Find us with sofa cleaning near me service offered anytime anywhere in Sydney.

FAQ’s on Upholstery Cleaning Sydney

Q: Is upholstery cleaning available with same day service in Sydney?

Yes. We provide professional upholstery cleaning across Sydney. Our service covers all suburban and main city areas. We will come to your doorstep with our equipment to provide upholstery cleaning in Sydney.

Q: Do you provide sofa and couch disinfectant service?

Yes. Our detailed sofa and couch cleaning in Sydney service comes with professional disinfectant service as well. We use approved and recommended chemicals that disinfect your sofas and couches on all sides and in full detail.

Q: How long does a full set of sofas take to clean completely?

Depending on the size and placement of your sofas and couches, it should only take a few hours. We make sure to provide same day sofa cleaning service with same day finish as well.

Q: Do I really need professional sofa cleaning in Sydney?

Yes. We are professionals and have been doing this for years. Mould can spread in hidden areas on sofas and couches that can be potentially dangerous and a health risk. Also, other allergens can cause health issues. We remove all foreign particles and also maintain all parts for best structural maintenance.

 Areas We Covered In Sydney

Suede Sofa Cleaning in Sydney


Pro Sofa Clean offers quality suede sofa cleaning in Sydney service. If your suede surfaces for the sofa or couch have caught a lot of dirt or stains, we will help remove them fully. Get 100% suede finish restored with fresh suede sofa cleaning service. Our advanced suede sofa cleaning techniques restore the colour and finish of your exquisite furniture. Make your suede sofas function properly again. Our suede sofa cleaning company delivers best results for all kinds of sofas and furniture. We deal with L-shaped suede sofas, lounger suede sofas and any small or large suede sofas. Call now and get professional suede sofa cleaning at your doorstep anytime.


Leather and Fabric Couch Cleaning


If you have high-quality leather and fabric couches that need cleaning, Pro Sofa Clean is the best service provider for your needs. We have specialized leather sofa cleaning techniques that restore original colours while removing and foreign particles. We provide leather sofa allergens removal, bacteria and virus removal and stains removal services. Our attention to detail fabric couch cleaning ensures good as new look and feel on your furniture. Get ottoman steam couch cleaning for fabric materials turning them good as new again. Our leather and fabric couch cleaning services are tailormade for all homes and offices in Sydney. Call now to find out more.

We Have Professional Team of Sofa Cleaners with Expertise in Upholstery Steam Cleaning and Lasting Lounge Protection